As a salon owner or manager, you set the tone and dress code for your salon with your attire, requiring that your employees follow. You want to create an aesthetic that makes your salon stand out from all the rest. Ensure that your employees dress in a traditionally professional, upscale casual or traditionally casual style, depending on the atmosphere that you wish to present to your clientele.

The Fundamentals of Good Grooming and Personal Hygiene

Good grooming and personal hygiene are key factors for salon employees to consider before anything else. Well-manicured hands, well-maintained and styled hair, general cleanliness and self-confidence -- whether receptionists, stylists, manicurists or pedicurists -- visually broadcast their sense of style and skill to the client.

The Professional Clientele

If your salon is located in a professional district, present a more professional image by way of your employees' attire and style. Employees must wear pressed dress pants, button-down blouses, dress shirts and ties, or simple dresses and modest heels. Jewelry should be minimal and not distracting to the stylists doing their work or to their clients. The clothes should be professional, conservative yet still functional to reflect to clients that the salon owner seeks to engage in business.

The Casual Upscale Clientele

Serving the casual upscale clientele gives your salon employees more latitude to be creative with their clothing. Designer jeans may be traded for tailored pants and more colorful pullover tops with pizazz, or even sundresses may be worn with cork-heeled sandals in the summertime, for instance. Bright and unusual colors and cuts of sweaters or blouses paired with interestingly boot cut corduroys and comfortably stylish shoes provide one example of a desired outfit for this type of salon. Ensure that your employees understand that this aesthetic walks the line between professional and comfortable, yet stylishly casual, and the look should be carefully planned and executed.

The Casual Clientele

Whether your salon skews toward college or high school students on a budget or a more family-based community, you still want to present a professional image by having your salon employees dress professionally. Freshly washed, new and stylish jeans topped with sweaters are essentials for this type of salon. Finish the outfit with comfortable loafers or laced shoes, other than sneakers, and you will make your clientele feel right at home in the salon. This type of salon allows your employees the freedom to wear slightly upscale clothing if they choose to do so, from time to time, although the clean casual wear will create a unified face for your salon.