What Is a Swift Pay Scale?

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Swift Transportation is a trucking company with a large driving crew that covers more than 2 billion miles each year. The company maintains trucking terminals in more than 38 locations throughout the United States. Swift believes that good management and well-compensated employees continue to provide necessary support to keep the company growing. Swift Transportation publishes its pay rates, benefits and bonus pay opportunities on its website.

Swift's Growth

Swift Transportation Company started business as a regional trucking operation and has grown into the nation’s largest truckload carrier. The company is publicly held and brings in more than $2.4 billion in annual revenue. The company employs more than 20,000 drivers and maintains 16,000 trucks and 50,000 trailers. Swift provides services to many large retail chains, and several of them including Wal-Mart, FedEx, Lowe’s and Quaker Oats have named Swift “Carrier of the Year.”

Swift Pay Scale

The Swift pay scale is a pay plan for line haul drivers. The pay scale details the pay rates for drivers, listed by amount of driving experience and starting with rates for a brand-new driver. The pay scale breaks the pay rates by driving direction and has a separate rate for team drivers. Additionally, the pay plan breaks the pay into dispatch lengths. All of the rates are in terms of amounts paid per mile of driving.

Different Driver Types

Swift employs drivers for other types of routes in addition to line haul. The company hires drivers on contract as “owner operators” and provides a pay scale specific to van, flatbed and covered-wagon drivers for Swift’s eastern and western divisions. The pay scale includes longevity bonuses and other monetary perks based on meeting certain requirements, which vary by driver type.

Bonus Pay

The line-haul pay scale includes information on additional ways for drivers to make money in addition to base pay per mile. The Swift pay scale discusses a productivity bonus for solo or team drivers, which increases with the amount of mileage over 9,500 per month. The company also offers extra pay for layovers, loading, wallboard and shrink-wrap in addition to several other driver-provided services. You can find Swift pay rates and service information on the Swift pay scale document and on the company’s website.



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