Skating rinks must compete against many other recreational activities such as bowling, miniature golf and go-kart racetracks for a customer's money. Some creative marketing will help the skating rink increase its visibility to potential customers. The more visible you are to your customers, the more likely they are to think of you on their next date night, group outing or family night out.

Frequent Skater Cards

Reward your frequent skaters. Give each guest a card when he pays for admission. For every five paid admissions, offer a reduced rate or free rental skates for one session. Larger awards can be given for customers that skate more frequently such as a $10 gift card for every ten paid admissions to the skating rink. These marketing ideas will promote your business and ensure repeat customers.

Prize Drawings

Choose one night a week, typically one that has your lowest attendance, and give away prizes throughout the night. The prizes can range from free skate rentals to a one or two hour private party for a guest and up to 20 of her friends. By running these marketing promotions, your increased attendance will cover more than the cost of the prizes you give away. You can also contact other local businesses and ask them to donate prizes in exchange for the chance to display advertising fliers at your skating rink.

Free Skating Lessons

Choose one afternoon a month for free admission and free skating lessons. By teaching more people how to skate, you can increase your potential client base. Give each person who attends the skating lessons a coupon for a free use of rental skates. This will encourage the new skaters to return to your skating rink and spend money on admission and food.

Skating Competitions

Choose one night a week or month to have skating competitions for your guests. Some of these competitions can include skating races, skating trick competitions and couples skating dance competitions. Give prizes for the winners of each of the competitions. Consider charging a higher admission fee for the guests that night, since they will have the opportunity to win those prizes.