An activities director handles all aspects of planning corporate events for employees of a given company. Details include finding a space for an event, along with ordering beverages for guests and finding speakers or entertainment. A cover letter for an activities director’s position must show relevant experience in planning relevant corporate events, so the potential employer feels comfortable in hiring a candidate to represent and execute company events.

Position Applying For

An activities director’s cover letter starts by stating the name of the position being applied for. It must match the title provided by the employer, in case he is hiring for several similar titled positions, such as activities director, activities assistant or activities manager, for example. Being accurate with the title increases the evaluation process. The sentence after introducing the position must explain why the candidate is the proper fit, such as having a proven record of organizing successful corporate events.

List of Qualifications

The majority of the cover letter explains why the applicant is the proper fit for the activities position offered by the company. The qualifications include having a set amount of years experience with event planning, expertise in tailoring events to meet the requirements of the company, getting the proper guest speakers or entertainment to maintain the professionalism of a business and planning events within the set budget allotted by the company executives. Address any requirements outlined in the job posting.

Next Steps

The last paragraph briefly reminds the potential employer of why the applicant is the right fit for the activities position. The sentence must connect the needs of the company with the experience outlined in the list of qualifications presented in the previous paragraph. An example includes believing in providing useful events for company events that protects the company’s reputation. The activities director’s cover letter must also close with a call to action, whether it is the potential employer scheduling an interview or the applicant following up with the application evaluation. This last paragraph must provide a phone number or email address, if the applicant encourages the potential employer to contact him regarding an interview.

Cover Letter Formats

A cover letter for an activities director must be written in a common cover letter format so the potential employer recognizes the applicant’s professionalism. The cover letter starts with the name and contact information of the applicant on the top and center of the page. This information must be located in the same place on the accompanying resume. The name and the contact information of the potential employer must be located on the left-hand side above the professional greeting. The greeting must be “Dear” rather than “Hello.”