How Much Will It Cost to Open an LLC in New Jersey?

A New Jersey limited liability company blends the personal asset protection of a corporation with the flexibility of a partnership. A New Jersey LLC comes into existence when the appropriate formation documents are filed with the New Jersey Division of Revenue. The cost to open an LLC in New jersey varies based on the business's activities. Also, you must include the fees related to obtaining licenses and permits when considering startup costs for a New Jersey LLC.


The name of a New Jersey LLC must be distinguishable from other business entities that operate in New Jersey. You can confirm business name availability by calling the New Jersey Division of Revenue at 609-292-9292. As of 2011, it costs $15 to check name availability with the division. You can view the Division of Revenue database free to determine if an existing New Jersey entity has a similar business name. The Division of Revenue will reject filings that contain a business name that is already in use by another entity. If the proposed name of the LLC is available, you can reserve the name for 120 days. As of 2011, it costs $50 to reserve a business name. For an additional $25, as of 2011, you can expedite a business name reservation, which means the state will process the name reservation in 8-1/2 hours, as explained by the New Jersey Department of Treasury website. Name reservation is an optional service for New Jersey LLCs.

Certificate of Formation

You must file a certificate of formation with the Division of Revenue to create a New Jersey LLC. The division provides a fill-in-the-blank certificate of formation that requests information like the legal name and address of the business and the purpose for starting the company. The certificate must include the name and address of each organizer responsible for filing the certificate. In addition, the certificate of formation must state the name and physical address of the company's registered agent that will receive legal documents served against the business. As of 2011, it costs $125 to file a certificate of formation with the Division of Revenue. A New Jersey LLC does not begin its existence until the filing fee is paid in full.

State Fees

New Jersey LLCs must pay the appropriate fees to get state licenses and permits. The state fees to start the company will vary based on the LLC's business activities. For instance, a company that sells products and services in New Jersey must get a sales and use tax license from the New Jersey Department of Revenue. Businesses that sell cigarettes must get a state license to sell tobacco products. Also, companies that provide services, such as a barber or an accountant, must acquire the proper state occupational license.

Local Fees

A New Jersey LLC will incur local fees like the cost of obtaining a business license from the city or county where the company operates. The cost to get a business license varies based on where the company conducts business. The company may have to get a local sales and use tax permit to collect sales tax, depending on its city and county. Also, the company may have to get a zoning permit from the city or county, depending on its location.