What Is Customer Focus?

by Rick Suttle; Updated September 26, 2017
Customer focus can include providing gift bags for gift products.

"Customer focus" is a marketing term that means keeping the customer in mind when selling products and services. Customers have certain needs and wants, which companies must meet to increase sales and profits. Some companies structure their management teams around specific customers. Customers can include individual consumers and businesses. The best way to keep track of customers is through marketing research, such as phone or Internet surveys.


Marketing managers employ customer focus strategies when developing their products. They obtain input from customers regarding the features, sizes, dimensions, flavors, fragrances or varieties they want with certain products. Subsequently, marketing managers inform research and development people of what customers want, and the company produces products that meet customer preferences. Customer focus also means adding bonus services for customers who buy a company's products. For example, retailers may provide customers with gift bags for products they intend to give to others.


Customer focus can also pertain to advertising. Companies develop advertising messages that appeal to people who buy their products. Advertising managers determine which magazines and newspapers their customers read, or what television or radio programs their customers are most likely to regularly enjoy. Companies should focus on the experience of their customers when developing their marketing messages, according to the Small Business Administration. For example, a diet company may let a customer visualize herself fitting into her new bathing suit when writing a direct mail sales letter.


Customers will not likely purchase products that fall too far outside their price range. Price ranges are largely dictated by consumer demand. In other words, customers will only buy products up to a certain price point. Any price above that range will result in a drastic reduction in sales. Therefore, companies focus on price ranges their customers will pay for their products and services. They obtain customer pricing information by studying competitors or conducting their own marketing research. Ultimately, a company's goal is to establish an optimal price point that satisfies customers and maximizes sales and profit margins.

Distribution and Payment

Companies make it easy for their customers to order. They distribute their products in locations their customers are most likely to shop. Additionally, retailers allot more space to items that are in high demand. Internet and mail order companies also make it easy on customers, providing them with convenient ways to pay for and obtain products.

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