Increased competition means companies are taking a new look at the way they do business. The more successful companies today improve their on customer focus, spending more time satisfying their customers in order to ensure they leave favorable reviews and become repeat customers. Many consumer-focused companies are more concerned with customer relationships than they are with immediate sales numbers.


Companies determined to do better than their competitors are changing their business focus, aiming towards customer happiness. Focusing on customer service and satisfaction can increase income.

Customer Focus, Pub Subs and More

Publix, a regional grocery store located in the Southeast, is known for its over-the-top client focus. In an industry where customers just want to get out with the lowest possible cost, Publix' customers are loyal to the store, even if others in the area offer lower prices. Every employee is charged with helping customers as their first duty. Their deli counter workers create locally famous Pub Subs, submarine sandwiches that win awards for the top sandwich every year. It's an old-fashioned approach, where everyone is supposed to give customers a smile and helpers accompany customers to their car to help unload their baskets, but it's made Publix the top grocery chain in many parts of the South.

The Helpful Giant

There's a reason Amazon delivers to almost every household in the country: They've designed the entire company around making it easy and convenient for people to shop. Amazon invents programs designed to make the shopping experience cheaper and faster:

  • Amazon Prime, which guarantees two-day shipping on most orders.
  • Amazon Prime Video, a competitor to Netflix and Hulu.
  • Kindle Unlimited, which allows readers unlimited books for one set monthly fee.
  • Audible, a simple way for listeners to get audiobooks every month.
  • Prime Pantry, a convenient way to shop for grocery staples.

The reason Amazon is so good at delivering what customers want is their proprietary algorithm. Every time you do a search anywhere on the Amazon site, it remembers everywhere you went and everything you looked at. From that moment on, your experience at Amazon will be slightly skewed toward your interests. Every time you look at the site you get an amazingly personalized shopping experience. It's a huge concept that couldn't be done twenty years ago, but Amazon excels at it today.

It's a Magical Thing

The Disney Corporation has created some of the most loyal customers in the world. The entire Disney brand stands for service-oriented family entertainment, and it shows in everything from their mall stores to their amusement parks. Their motto, "The Most Magical Place on Earth," is one that every Disney employee is trained to work toward. The entire company is run as a customer-focused culture. Customers are known as guests, and employees (cast members) are supposed to refer to guests by name whenever possible, especially children. It may be something as small as finding a special colored balloon for a child or as big as arranging wishes for terminally ill children, but Disney excels at creating special customer experiences.