Ideas for Your Own Home Business

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Home businesses can be a useful option for parents of small children, people currently out of regular employment or even those who just want to be their own boss. You don't need a lot of initial capital to start your own home-based enterprise, but the profit potential can be considerable if you set up a comprehensive business plan. However, the first thing you have to come up with is the type of home business that suits your talents and interests.


Electronic commerce refers to transactions through electronic means, mainly the Internet. Since there's no need for retail space and additional staff, you can easily set up a small business at home and follow the rising trend of e-commerce. According to the research company Forrester, e-commerce is expected to average an annual growth of 10 percent between 2011 and 2016. Your merchandise can include products you've created yourself, such as homemade crafts, or resell products you acquired at bargain prices. Transactions can take place on your personal commercial website or through established e-commerce pages, including eBay and

Kids' Party Business

If you enjoy organizing parties for kids of friends and family and you believe you can do it for a living, a home-based kids' party business is for you. The role of a party organizer includes decorating the party area, booking entertainers such as clowns, arranging goodies, and distributing invitations for guests. Since you need to become well-known in your community to attract clients, you need to invest in marketing your business, including distributing leaflets and advertising online.

Gardening Business

In residential areas dominated by houses with gardens, a gardening expert has a lot of opportunities for a considerably large and steady income. Gardening businesses, even home-based, must provide garden-tending services, as well as offer plants, seeds and equipment for sale. Since you can only deal with local clients, focus on making neighbors aware of your venture, with flyers, posters and door-to-door visits. You may also consider advertising in the Yellow Pages and creating an informative business website.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writers are considered sole proprietors in the business world. In contrast to the above-noted businesses that you can literally start from scratch, freelance writing requires a relevant academic or professional background to find clients willing to give you writing assignments. You need nothing more than an Internet connection to come in contact with companies offering titles to work on and subsequently sell at a set fee, including InfoBarrel, Bright Hub, Freelance Venue and CopyDesk.



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