The printing press was invented during the 1440s. Since its creation, the press has revolutionized the worlds of literature and advertising. Business professionals and companies now have the ability to market appealing material to millions. In the present day, the press offers the option of traditional printing or digital printing. Although it has found massive success, there are several pros and cons associated with the printing press.

Traditional Press Advantages

The traditional printing press offers good color precision and various finishing options. This printing method can essentially print neon colors for lively clients and standard colors for modest persons. The traditional press also provides various finishes including foil stamping and die cutting. Traditional press printing exhibits an appeal that is both flawless and peculiar.

Traditional Press Disadvantages

The primary disadvantage associated with traditional press printing is its cost. Maintaining a large press machine can be expensive, with the constant need to replace film and plates. In addition, traditional printing is time consuming. Prior to creating new advertising material, an individual must set up the machine and align it to fit the needs of the customer. After creating the material, the operator must wash the press machine. Folding and cutting press material is also required, which makes the entire printing process lengthy.

Digital Printing Press Pros

Contrary to traditional methods, digital press printing is cost effective. Digital printing can be ordered on a per piece basis, meaning that customers can purchase only what they need and save money. The per piece advantage also prevents the consumer from wasting supplies. Instead of ordering 1,000 business cards and using 500, a company can purchase 500 and get the full value of its money. In addition to purchasing power, clients may also enjoy the convenience of inserting numbers, paragraphs and mailing lists with the press of one button. Digital press printing can also be conducted from the privacy of a home or corporation.

Digital Printing Press Cons

While it is cost effective because of its pay-per-piece feature, digital press printing becomes expensive when ordered in bulk. In contrast to the traditional method, there is typically no discount offered to clients who request digital printing for large orders. This essentially means that customers pay the same price per piece, which can be costly for orders of 1,000 pieces or more. In addition to expense, digital printing cannot be used for an array of materials. While the method is excellent for paper announcements and business cards, it is not useful when advertising on cloth or wood.