Sales meetings are a time when upper management or sales team leaders share information and encourage their teams. When sales are slow, the sales meetings can suffer with a lack of momentum or enthusiasm, but when sales are flowing and growing the sales team tends to be ready to push for more. The selected theme for a sales meeting should work to combat discouragement, boost self-motivation, inspire sales people to keep trying and, naturally, result in increases in sales.

Traditional Themes

Traditional meeting themes such as holidays or seasonal changes are nice for a change of pace, but they generally do not overly excite or motivate sales people. In retail, sales tend to pick up around the winter holidays and just after the New Year, especially if the sales merchandise involves health and fitness. Incorporating these sales trends into the meeting theme can increase the effect of a holiday theme sales meeting, encouraging sales teams to push for sales, approach more potential customers and look forward to the surge at given times each year. Sale specials such as "Spring Cleaning" may also work well with seasonal themes, if the timing is appropriate.

Tropical Beach Theme

Tropical beach themes often incorporate surfing, and surfing occurs on large ocean waves. Using a theme such as "Ride the Wave" or similar surf-related themes can encourage sales teams to find inspiration in the tropical theme and incorporate that inspiration into their sales behaviors and approaches. During the meeting, word key phrases around the surf and beach theme to keep the mental image fresh and inspiring for the sales teams. The theme could start in a meeting and continue for several weeks with Hawaiian-print attire, bright flowers in the office, and friendly contests monitored on a large bulletin board in the office featuring a tropical beach scene.

Aviation Themes

"Soar high above the rest" could be the theme driving an aviation-themed sales meeting. Whenever sales are involved, there is a certain amount of competition with rival sales teams but also with rival companies and products. Keep all wording for key phrases and concepts throughout the meeting in tune with the aviation theme and consider offering sales team members pins to wear during the theme, such as novelty versions of those worn by pilots. Use the theme to increase motivation amongst salespeople, offering suggestions related to the aviation theme on approaching potential customers and closing sales, perhaps incorporating a gold star chart or other competition tracker to see which salespeople perform the best with the aviation theme.

Office-Style Pep Rally

While not quite as juvenile as a middle school or high school pep rally, turning the sales meeting into a "Let's get out there and get'em!" enthusiasm boost works for some sales teams. Use inspirational quotes and phrasing throughout the meeting and take the opportunity to point out and praise all the good work the sales teams and team leaders have accomplished. Start with the smaller accomplishments and lead up to the larger ones; this avoids making small accomplishments seem smaller by preceding them with more impressive accomplishments. Aim to inspire the salespeople and keep the enthusiasm high for several weeks to follow. A daily inspirational quote works well following this type of theme.