The Best Gel Ink Pens

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Many pen jockeys prefer a particular aesthetic when writing by hand, and some prefer the thick, dramatic lines created by gel-ink pens. Those searching for the best gel-ink pens out there today shouldn't have too hard a time, as there are a multitude of gel pen options out there. Often, the right gel pen depends on the specific color and features you're looking for.


The color that consumers desire in a gel ink pen varies greatly according to its intended purpose. For example, a businessman looking for a signature pen will probably search for a gel pen that produces a bold, stately line in traditional pen colors like blue or black. However, an elementary school student looking for something fun to doodle with will probably want gel pens with multiple non-traditional colors, such as green, purple and pink. Whatever color suits the intended purpose best, most consumers are looking for a bold, stand-out line from the best gel-ink pens.


Another thing that consumers search for when trying to find the perfect pen is comfort. Anybody who has spent hours scratching away with a pen can appreciate the big difference that something like a comfortable rubber pen grip can make. Thus, some of the most upscale gel-ink pens feature a firm rubber grip meant to respond well to continued use and to minimize writing cramps.

Line Appearance

Another thing to look for when determining the quality of a gel ink pen is the way it writes. Beyond simply the color strength, gel pens should provide a smooth, solid line, with a tip that glides across the paper with a flowing, continuous mark. Nothing is more irritating than when a pen fails to have this fluidity, when the line thickness varies as you write or when the ink fails momentarily, leaving blank gaps along the page. The best gel ink pens have a smooth and dependable line appearance that continues strongly until the pen runs out of ink. The thickness of the line is also a consideration for many; some people prefer an extra fine point, whereas others like to make a statement by using a bold-point pen.

Other Features

Beyond a gel pen's color, comfort and writing ability, many consumers also look for other qualities in the best gel-ink pens. Those using gel pens on official documents such as checks or legal pages may need a pen with ink that doesn't bleed or fade over time. Other gel pens are designed to erase easily without leaving a mark, which may be the best gel-ink pen for a young consumer prone to small errors while writing. Similarly, pens with retractable tips might be best for forgetful writers who often forget caps or for those who are constantly on the go.