If you have been trained in a specific area of work, you may have worked several similar job positions, but for different employers. Although the titles for the positions are the same, some of the responsibilities or required skills may differ. Focus on these differences as you create your resume with your past employment positions.

What Not to Do

Do not simply write that you have worked the same position for several different employers. Employers know that no job responsibilities or tasks are the same despite the title of the position. Also, do not leave out employer’s names or overall positions because you think you are repeating information by outlining your past employment positions.

Formatting Employers on Resume

Present your past employment positions on your resume as you would if they were all different work positions. Start by listing the name of the position you held, even if it is the same for each position. State the employer’s name or company name followed by the time of employment. Put “current” instead of an end date if you are still working in a position. Provide three to five different points under each employer that describes your tasks and responsibilities. This is where you can make each position stand out as individually different. For example, do not simply write that you served customers and completed transaction in a cashier’s position for a clothing store. Instead, focus on the smaller tasks such as finding the proper sizes, ensuring the visit was enjoyable and providing fast and effective transactions.

Building Experience

Do not view it as a weakness that you have worked the same position for several different employers. Instead, see it as an opportunity for you to build on your skills and expertise within a given field of work. Once the short list of responsibilities and tasks has been completed for each employer, expand your skills and abilities on your resume. Highlight even the smallest tasks.

For example, do not simply write that you controlled and protected an area if you have worked as a security guard. Include accomplishments such as answered customer questions, provided additional assistance where needed, analyzed television screens, repaired security cameras, wrote incident reports and fixed faulty software programs.

Cover Letter Content

The employer is able to see your experience in the given job field, so use the cover letter to explain why this type of job is enjoyable for you. Explain your passion and genuine interest, so the employer understands your reasoning for working the same type of job for different employers.