The Disadvantages of Teams

by Shailynn Krow ; Updated September 26, 2017
Team work has its noted disadvantages as well.

Team work is around you every day--whether it is in the workplace, at home or in a sporting event. Team work has numerous advantages that many have heard of, but there are disadvantages to team work as well. Some of those disadvantages can be disagreements, people being left out and no one taking responsibility or answers for failure.


In any team setting there are going to be a few disagreements. These can involve a disagreement on a play used in a sporting event, a disagreement on how to approach a sales goal in the workplace or even a disagreement on how to deal with your toddler’s tantrums at home. When more than one person has to make a decision, everyone will have their opinions. This can cause disagreements amongst team members and possibly even slow the process down entirely.

The Team Takes the Glory and the Fall

In a team setting everyone works together to get to the end result no matter what that may be. When the team fails, everyone in the team fails--even if a particular individual did not agree with the method used to fail. When the team wins, everyone in the team wins--even if a particular individual did the majority of the work to make the team win. This also means that not one individual takes responsibility for their actions, even if those actions cause a negative result for the team. When not having to answer for your own errors it can cancel out the effect of learning from your mistakes.

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Feeling Left Out

When a team is comprised of different individuals, there will be different skill levels, educational levels and personalities in the same group. If one individual is not up to par with the other team members they can feel left out of discussions or even planning towards the team’s goal. Also when individuals in the team feel they have a weaker link they may be less apt to give assignments or duties to that team member ultimately making them feel left out of the team itself.

Taking Longer

In the workplace or in a school classroom, team work sometimes can take longer to complete a task than when a single individual works on that task. This is due to the fact that with a team you must first converse about the goal at hand, how you are going to go about it as well as work through any disagreements. On top of which teams will also have to compensate for slower workers or those that take longer to complete their assigned tasks, thus slowing down the entire team.

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