Catchy Topics for Team Building Presentations

by David Coodin; Updated September 26, 2017
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A cohesive team is a critical component for success in business. One way to build a sense of teamwork at any organization is through a team building presentation that inspires, empowers and entertains while teaching the values of cooperation and trust. Make your team building presentation more effective by presenting topics that draw the immediate attention of your audience.

Inspiring the Group

A topic that can instantly grip the audience's attention can be the presenter's own inspiring story. "The Road to Success: My Difficult Journey" can motivate employees by showing how the presenter had to overcome difficult obstacles, especially if working with others helped achieve his goals. Alternatively, the presenter may draw on the inspiring story of someone else to reach her audience. "What Gandhi Can Teach Us About Cooperation" can draw upon the effectiveness of a large group of people working toward a common goal.

Empowering Your Team

A team building presentation can empower its audience by motivating people to be their best, such as "Don't Settle for Second Best: Making Your Team Number One." Other possible topics include "Conquering Fear, Conquering Sales," which could inspire employees to be confident when trying to attract new customers, and "10 Steps to Team Building Magic," which could include such steps as having fun in the workplace and sharing goals with each other.

Having Fun

A team building presentation can use humor to engage the audience. One idea is to use an incongruous topic, where two mismatched ideas are combined, such as "Jelly Beans and the Workplace: What We Can Learn from Candies of Different Colors." For this topic, you could pass out jelly beans as props to show that different colors taste great when combined, just as employees with different personalities and qualities complement each other in the workplace. Alternatively, a topic that draws on a popular movie or television series of the day can capture the audience's attention. Possible topics include "Workers and Wizards: Lessons from Harry Potter" or "Law and Order: Workplace Edition."

Being Practical Yet Intriguing

Another catchy topic for a team building presentation is one based on an important aspect of workplace culture that attendees will be interested in and care about. "Conflict Resolution: When Good Bosses Go Bad" lends itself to compelling presentation content. Another idea, such as "Relationships in the Workplace: Is It Ever OK?," draws on an ethical question that has the potential to interest many employees.

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