Team disbandment after a project is completed can often be overlooked in discussions of team building, but it is an essential step. Taking a moment to celebrate accomplishments, to examine what worked within the team and what did not, and to plan individual next steps, creates opportunities for future individual and team development. It also encourages an environment of sustainable team building within a company. A manager can disband a team in a short, efficient meeting that generates valuable takeaways for all team members.

Celebrate accomplishments of the team. Congratulate members on completing what the team set out to do and single out each member's contribution to goal completion. This starts the meeting on a positive note and encourages open, positive discussion throughout the rest of the meeting.

Ask team members to review their personal contributions to the team. Ask them how they felt their abilities were utilized well, or how they could be utilized more effectively in future team projects.

Generate a discussion about problems that may have arisen between team members or management. Ask how those issues were addressed and if there may have been better ways of handling them. This gives employees a change to air any unheard complaints in a productive context.

Discuss next steps for team members. Ask what they learned from the recently completed project that they'll take to future projects and future project development. Ask what types of future projects could be developed out of the recently completed project.