Easy and Cheap Small-Business Ideas

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People often dream of breaking out of the daily corporate grind to start their own small business. Although the thought of no boss, setting your own schedule and controlling your professional destiny can be attractive, the cost involved in many business ventures prevents certain people from getting started. Finding an easy and cheap small-business idea can be the perfect solution for people with little money or time.

Freelance Writer

For anyone who likes to write, starting a small freelance-writing business can be an easy and cheap choice. Freelance writing opportunities exist both online and with certain print publications. Internet blogging is a form of freelancing and can generate income through ad income sharing or per-word payments.


As the price of technology falls, professional-quality cameras have become more affordable. Various brands and models of high-resolution cameras can now be purchased for under a few hundred dollars. Taking pictures for local newspapers, magazines, auto sales listings, events, weddings or schools can be a cheap and easy small-business idea.

Social Marketing

Internet marketing and social media has filtered into numerous business marketing plans. To help with these efforts, businesses are often willing to pay Internet-savvy entrepreneurs to promote their products or services through a variety of online outlets. Getting started may only require access to the Internet and promotional materials such as business cards or mailers.

Delivery Service

For those entrepreneurs with access to a van, truck or other automobile, starting a delivery service can be an easy, cheap and quick business venture. Customers can include other businesses with local delivery needs, such as greenhouses, grocery stores, or appliance or furniture retailers.

Product Sales

In-home product sales has long been a popular small-business idea. Product options can include cosmetics, kitchenware, crafts, candles or a number of other items. Opportunities exist with large franchising retailers or with homemade crafts or products.

Online Sales

Selling products through online auctions or retailers is a popular, cheap small-business idea. With little to no startup costs, nearly any item can be sold online. Although some people may sell items they have around the house or find at garage sales, others resell items purchased through wholesale distributors.

Flea Markets/Garage Sales

Buying and selling items at flea markets or garage sales can offer a low-cost, easy business venture. Because items at these locations are typically cheap, the initial capital outlay can be small. Stalls at flea markets can often be rented by the day or weekend.


If you have a particular trade or skill, starting a small business can be an easy venture. Examples of easy, cheap small-business jobs include electrician, accountant, plumber, telephone technician, computer repair, appliance repair or carpenter.