Sales speech topics can be easy to come up with if you consider the everyday items that you are bombarded with. Sales speeches are created to sell your product or service. When writing the speech, make sure to include the significance of your product, and show the significance through charts, slides or video demonstrations. Clearly and creatively establish your target audience and the appeal for this age group.

Car Sales

Create a speech that pitches a new vehicle to an unsuspecting, but interested, buyer. This scenario can be seen time and again in real life. Make sure to include the cost projections, and the persuasive topics that salesmen use. Many salesmen will try to sell a new car by talking up the newest model, and the so-called inexpensive monthly payments.

Checking Accounts

Consider a speech that discusses the positive aspects of obtaining a checking account from a particular bank. Discuss the perks such as free checking. Many banks now offer online banking, and a reserve bank line that is meant to pick up bounced checks or debit transactions through an attached credit line. Make sure to talk up the bank itself, for example, its longevity and rewards programs for starting checking accounts or opening credit lines.

Entertainment Account Bundles

Regarding internet, phone and cable services, many companies offer bundles that claim to save the customer money. Write a sales speech that persuades the customer to transfer services from one company to yours. Use aspects such as a free phone number transfer and discounted rates for six to 12 months. Use this opportunity to talk about the integrity of the products, such as the swift internet service and the large amount of channels available with the proposed bundle.


Sell yourself as if you are at a job interview or internship opportunity. Make sure to state your experience within the field. Talk about your extensive motivation and your long-time interest within in the company. State strengths, weaknesses and your visions of yourself as a potential employee at the company. Give your speech in a relaxed, but confident, manner.