Though some may consider hair their crowning glory, in some cases, hair represents a safety risk in the workplace. This is especially true in certain industries. It's important for companies to educate employees about hair safety practices and to actively promote safe behavior. With proper knowledge, you can protect your business.


Hair safety is particularly important in the restaurant industry, where stray hairs can end up in a customer's food. Those in the beauty industries deal with other people's hair on a regular basis and must take care to dispose of it properly. Long hair can also be a problem in the industrial or construction industries.

Why It Matters

Hair can carry germs, so it's important for people who work in the restaurant industry to take care so that customers do not accidentally ingest it. Those who work around heavy machinery can have problems with long hair, which can become caught in the machine, causing injury or even death.

Hair Restraint and Covering

A simply hair tie or rubber band may be enough to protect a worker from harm around machines. In cases where you need to restrain your hair, hair nets can hold the hair back. A surgical hat completely covers the hair. You can also purchase small masks that will cover your facial hair.

Hair Salons

In a hair salon, it's important to disinfect the styling materials after use. You can do this by placing scissors and combs in an anti-bacterial solution. Dispose of customer's hair properly, according to the laws in your area. For example, you may be able to simply throw it away or you may have to incinerate it.