Window displays are made to attract foot traffic customers to retail shops through enticing visual pictures. An effective wine shop display should not only draw potential customers in, but get them thinking about the pleasures of quality wine. Arrange wine bottles and wine accessories in simple, yet effective and attractive displays based on your preferred style.

Sea of Corks

Feature a few wine bottles and products on display amid a sea of wine corks. Order wine corks in bulk from a hobby winemaking supplier. Buy a few different brands and types to give your collection of corks some variation. Place a few wine bottles, a glass or two, and any other merchandise you want to feature in your window, then pour the mixed corks around them. As a variation on this idea, create some wine corks wreaths, sculpture or other similar crafts.

Bottles On Platforms

To show off some of your best wines or most sought-after brands, use small platforms, shelves and cube-shaped props at different heights and distance from the front and back of the display. Cover the shelves and props with loosely-draped decorative fabric, then place the wine bottles over them. This will create a pleasantly asymmetrical display that uses more of the available visual space than a single-level display.

Bottle Tower or Sculpture

Turn empty bottles into wine bottle towers or sculptures, using a strong epoxy to hold them together. When building, start from the bottom layer and work your way up. Let the epoxy on each lower layer cure before starting the next. Each group of bottles should be so firmly held together that you can't pull them apart. If you're new to this kind of sculpture, make mock-ups of the structures you want to create using plastic soda bottles first.

Wine Picnic

Create a display to suggest the enjoyment customers could get from by showing a wine picnic or outdoor supper with wine. Make a backdrop with propped-up prints of summery oil paintings, then arrange the foreground of your display area with a wine bottle, glasses and items like corkscrews, a picnic basket, attractive dishes, napkin and tablecloths. Include pieces of prop food like apples and cheese, but only if you can find something that looks good enough to eat. Otherwise, leave the dishes empty.