Information on Grants

The U.S. government provides grants for a variety of purposes and, depending on your situation, you or your business could qualify for assistance. The vast array of grant programs can be confusing to those who have never obtained a grant. Understanding what grants are and how they work can increase your odds of being awarded one.

Who Can Get a Grant?

Local governments, schools, non-profit groups, small businesses and individuals are potential recipients of grants. The federal government does not provide grants for businesses unless they have nonprofit status. Before applying for a grant, research the rules and eligibility requirements associated with the grant award.

How Are Grants Awarded?

Most grantmaking organizations require you to fill out an application for consideration. Many applications also require a grant proposal that outlines in specific detail how you would use the money to benefit your cause or group.

Finding Grant Opportunities

To find grants that are available from the federal government, visit the government grants website. Search through the available grant programs and sort them by eligibility and program categories.

Education Grants

Besides grants to help expand nonprofit entities and other types of organizations, the government also offers grants for individuals for education purposes. These grants provide people with money that they can use to help pay for the expenses associated with getting a college education. For example, the Pell Grant program is one of the most common types of grants that qualified students use to help pay for school. This program provides up to $5,550 per student per year to pay for expenses.