The Best Resume for an Administrative Assistant

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A resume for an administrative assistant must reflect a mix of education and experience. A modern administrative assistant is responsible for much more than simply typing memos and answering phone calls. She must be highly organized, computer savvy and able to deal with clients and co-workers in a friendly, efficient manner.


The most important aspect of any resume is experience. While an administrative assistant is often considered an entry-level position, someone with experience is more desirable than a neophyte, especially in larger companies. A high-level executive juggling meetings, appointments, phone calls and overseeing many employees will want someone who knows how to work in a high-pressure, high-volume environment. Include each employer, their location and the dates you worked for them. Under each employer add three or four bullet points. Describe your responsibilities and accomplishments for each employer. For example, you might describe how you created an interactive calendar which freed up time for your employer to devote to other responsibilities.


While it is possible to get an administrative assistant job without a college degree, it certainly does not hurt to have one. It is even better if you have a degree in the field of the company for whom you work. One example is an administrative assistant at a bank with a degree in finance or accounting. List each level of schooling above high school. Include any degrees you’ve obtained and any extra studies or activities your participated in.

Organizational Skills

One of the key aspects of an administrative assistant’s job is keeping things organized. Not only will you need to balance the multitude of responsibilities you must perform, your biggest responsibility will be balancing your employer’s. If your resume does not indicate that you are highly organized, you will have a hard time getting hired. In the “Skills” section of your resume, include “Strong Organizational Skills.” Without this item, your administrative assistant resume will be ineffective.

Computer Skills

The majority of modern offices make use of current computer hardware and software. An administrative assistant’s resume should reflect a knowledge of and experience with computers, especially Microsoft Office. The main programs you should be familiar with are Outlook, Word and Excel. A resume without mention of these programs in particular or computer skills in general will be considered lacking. A qualified administrative assistant will also be an efficient typist, able to quickly and accurately generate memos and correspondence. If your resume does not indicate you can type well, you will find it difficult to get an administrative assistant job.