Animal sanctuaries provide places of refuge for animals that have been abused or abandoned by their owners. Nonprofit animal sanctuaries specialize in creating safe and stable homes for neglected animals, either through shelter facilities or actively seeking out suitable homes. Grants that support these organizations target domestic and wildlife animal populations.

Animal Sanctuaries

More often than not, animal sanctuaries fulfill a humanitarian purpose, which means there’s little to no opportunities for making money by opening or running an animal sanctuary. Animals make up the most vulnerable populations, leaving neglected or abused animals at the mercy of human kindness. Their “nonprofit” business status makes it possible for animal sanctuaries to receive the funding needed to protect and care for these animals. Grants for nonprofit animal sanctuaries support the rescue, rehabilitation and sheltering of neglected animals, so grant offers can focus on one area moreso than another.

SummerLee Foundation

Based out of Dallas, Texas, the SummerLee Foundation offers grant awards to organizations involved in sheltering, rescuing and preserving domestic animals as well as endangered species. As of 2010, the SummerLee Foundation focuses on funding efforts that protect domestic cats and wildcats, such as bobcats and cougars. According to the SummerLee Foundation resource site, eligible locations include rural communities within the mid-west and western portions of the United States for domestic cats and the North America and British Isles regions for wildcats. Grant award amounts can vary with the maximum amount set at $5,000. The SummerLee Foundation may consider grants for other types of animals in cases where organizations can provide matching money amounts through fundraising or through funding from another organization.

Regina Bauer Frankenberg Foundation

The Regina Bauer Frankenberg Foundation offers grants that support animal welfare issues and promote the well being of abused and neglected animals. Eligible organizations hold a nonprofit, tax-exempt status and function for public charity purposes as defined by Internal Revenue Service codes. According to the Regina Bauer Frankenberg Foundation reference site, grant awards go to organizations that help to protect endangered species and reduce the number of homeless domestic animals without participating in euthansia practices. Foundation awards are available throughout the United States for wildlife preservation organizations and to the New York City area for organizations that work with domestic animals.

Seaworld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund

The Seaworld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund has been in existence for over 40 years and dedicates an annual reserve fund of $100,000 for grant purposes. The Conservation Fund consists of four categories for grant funding: habitat protection, animal rescue and rehabilitation, species research and conservation education. According to the Seaworld & Busch Garden Conservation Fund’s reference site, grant awards support national and global organizations that protect and restore wildlife habitats affected by crisis events, such as oil spills or natural disasters. Grant award assignments consider the severity of a disaster event and the degree of endangerment to a species, along with an organization's ability to follow through on conservation efforts.