The Disadvantages of Being a Radiology Technician

Radiology technicians have the opportunity to work closely with the general public and provide a valuable service. At the same time, this job carries with it a few negatives that you need to be aware of. Before deciding on this type of career, it's important to look at it from all angles.


One of the potential drawbacks of being a radiology technician is the amount of competition for the best jobs. When you start out as a technician, you'll have to put in a fair amount of time in an undesirable position, before you can have a chance at landing the job you really want. This means that you might have to work undesirable hours, or in a place that you don't want to work.

Physical Work

Another potential problem with working as a radiology technician is the nature of the work. You have to spend most of the day on your feet. Besides standing up all day, you may also be required to help lift patients who are unable to lift themselves. You have to be in relatively good physical condition to work in this field. After a long shift, you can feel extremely tired and worn down.


One of the risks of being a radiology technician is that you'll be exposed to radiation. If you don't take the proper precautions, you could expose your body to a large amount of radiation over the course of your career. In fact, you have to keep detailed records to determine how much radiation you have been exposed to in your life. This could lead to serious medical problems in the future, in some cases.


When you work as a radiology technician, you might have to join a union, depending on where you work. While joining a union is optional, you might feel pressured to do so. While a union can provide you with benefits like a guaranteed pay rate, it can also cause some issues. You'll have to pay union dues and you may have to attend meetings. Some people don't like the idea of joining a union, but in this career, you might feel compelled to do so.