What you wear to job training events depends largely on what type of job you are being trained to do. If you are working in a corporate or management field, dress should be professional: suits for men, and skirts, dresses or suits for women. In manufacturing or labor situations, work uniforms are called for. In some fields you are provided with a uniform.

General Guidelines

Any clothing for job training should be clean and well cared for. Even if you are being trained in a field that is hard on clothes such as construction, begin your job training in good-looking clothing to make a favorable impression. Do some research and find out what people in the field or at the company wear, and match your clothing to their general level of formality.


In business environments, men don't have to put an enormous amount of thought into their wardrobes. A conservative business suit, a tie, and a pair of nice shoes will get you through most business situations with no problems. Get a decent haircut before you begin your training, whether you are in business or another field.


Women's clothing choices in the workplace tend to be much broader than men's. If you are a fashion hound, this can be a chance to indulge, but if you're not, it can be a stressful situation, as well as an expensive one. When in doubt about what to wear in a work training situation, always err on the side of conservatism and formality. Don't wear anything that might be interpreted as provocative by a reasonable person.

Things to Avoid

In general, both men and women should avoid hair colors that don't occur in nature when going into a work training situation. The same goes for any pieces of metal that might be lodged in your face. Even though many work places wouldn't necessarily mind these things, you're better off playing it safe when beginning training at a new place.