How Much Do Vets Make Monthly?

by Joshua Duvauchelle; Updated September 26, 2017

Veterinarians help keep America's pets and farm animals healthy and happy. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' 2010-2011 occupation handbook estimates that there are 54,130 vets working in the United States, and projects that this job market will jump by 33 percent by 2018. The average monthly wages of an America veterinarian varies depending on where the vet is employed or lives.

National Average

Nationally, the typical veterinarian can expect an average annual salary of $90,110. That works out to a monthly salary of $7,509, or approximately $43.32 per hour. Of course, this can vary widely. Veterinarians in the 10th percentile, which means 10 percent of vets earn less, make approximately $3,972 a month while those in the 90th percentile earn $11,909 per month.

Employers by Employee Numbers

The vast majority of veterinarians — almost 92 percent, to be exact — works in technical, professional or scientific facilities. In such facilities, the vets can expect an average monthly salary of just over $7,539. The second and third largest employers of veterinarians are the federal government and schools such as colleges and universities. There, average monthly salaries work out to $7,016 and $6,029, respectively.

Employers by Wages

Veterinarians who work in medical and diagnostic laboratories net the greatest monthly average wage in America — $9,549. Those working for pharmaceutical or medicine manufacturers earn the second highest average at $8,933. Finally, vets in scientific research firms experience the third highest monthly averages at $8,135.

States by Employment Numbers

Colorado employs the biggest concentration of veterinarians. In the Centennial State, the typical veterinarian earns an average monthly wage of $6,222. Montana ranks a close second, and rings in at $5,035. Finally, Idaho places third when it comes to employment numbers, and reports a monthly average salary for vets of $6,146.

States by Pay

If you're thinking of moving your veterinarian career to a new state, New Jersey may be your best bet. The state's veterinarians have the highest monthly average in the country, earning approximately $9,764 every month. This is closely followed by Connecticut, at $9,679. Florida places third and does significantly poorer than New Jersey or Connecticut, but its vets' monthly average of $8,795 is still better than the national average.

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