Estheticians devote their careers to helping clients achieve and maintain beautiful skin. They do not hold medical degrees and typically use waxing, light chemical peels and facials. A strong client base is vital to an esthetician. Word of mouth, marketing and sales tools can all help an esthetician grow her client base.


Building professional relationships with local physicians can help increase an esthetician's client base. Request a meeting with each physician, bring brochures detailing the services you provide and ask the physician to refer patients to you who wish to have beautification treatments. Dermatologists may have their own chemical peel service. Assure those physicians that you will offer other treatments and not interfere with their chemical peel business. All other physicians can send patients desiring peels to you in addition to those who want other services.

Word of Mouth

Happy clients become great marketing tools. Printing a stack of coupons for clients to take into their social circle can garner results. The esthetician can provide a discount on a client's next service for each new person she brings to the business through word of mouth advertising. Maintaining a database of referral information will help the esthetician know which client makes the most referrals. Discounts should apply to services such as chemical peels or facial treatments so the client's skin becomes a walking billboard for the esthetician.


Radio, television and print publications offer advertising for sale. Esthetician ads should always include a photo of someone with flawless skin. The idea is for the audience to believe that if they go to the esthetician, their skin may look as beautiful as the model's in the ad. The ad can offer discount coupons to first-time users, which will also increase the client base.

Service Exhanges

Partnering with massage therapists, cosmetologists and others in the beauty industry will help build an esthetician's client base. Offering to trade services or put a package together that includes several services for a flat rate brings new clients to the office.