Door-to-door sales can help you promote your business or sell more products. You can knock on residential doors or do door-to-door sales at businesses. Often the job involves a fair amount of "cold calling," or knocking on a door without knowing who will answer. The job also involves a fair amount of objections from customers. By changing the way you speak to customers and how you dress, you can reduce the number of objections you receive.

Smile and Speak Politely

Smile as soon as the customer opens the door. Greeting the customer with a smile may make her more receptive to hearing your sales pitch. Many people see a smiling face as more friendly and welcoming than a more somber expression. As you greet the customer and start your sales pitch, use a polite and friendly tone. Talk to the customer as if you know her personally and consider her a friend. Using a friendly tone will put the customer at ease.

Use a Clever Opening Line

Some door-to-door salesmen choose to launch into their sales pitch as soon as the customer opens the door. This can either confuse the customer or cause him to become irritated. Instead of starting with a sales pitch, use an opener such as introducing yourself, or talking about the weather or current events to create a dialog between yourself and the customer. This will help draw the customer in and reduce the chance of him feeling pushed and irritated.

Stay Patient

Some customers simply do not like door-to-door sales and will become difficult from the moment you start with your sales pitch. Do not become irritated with the customer's difficult stance. Trying to push the customer into a sale or interrupting her objections will cost you the sale. Instead, patiently listen to the customer and answer any questions she has before trying to finish the sale.

Dress Professionally

Many customers will trust you more if you appear well groomed and professionally dressed. If your appearance looks sloppy, or you have not shaven or groomed your hair, a customer may not even open the door. If he does, he may rush you or not take your sales pitch seriously. Wear business attire to any sales call and make sure you have groomed your facial hair and styled your hair before knocking.