The Average Income for a Mobile Detail Unit

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A mobile detail business is one venture that does not require large amounts of start-up capital, but can earn a very good income. Auto-detail operations earn income by selling cleaning services to image-conscious car owners. "Entrepreneur" magazine states that as of 2011, a mobile auto detail company can be started for under $2,000 and can be based out of a home or garage.

Business Overview

A mobile detail business provides car detailing services such as cleaning, waxing and buffing. Unlike a stationary location, mobile detailing units allow business owners to work at the homes and businesses of customers. A detail business typically charges a set fee for each type of service. However, some companies charge customers based on the time expended or number of vehicles cleaned.

Typical Income

Active mobile detail businesses usually average between $30 and $100 in income an hour, according to The industry website CarBuffs states that a full-time detailing business can expect to earn around $1,675 in income during a five-day week. This source indicates that a full-time mobile detail business can make over $75,000 in profits each year. (All figures are as of August 2011.)

Income Variations

Several factors can affect the actual amount of money made by a mobile detail unit. Weather can influence the number of customers requiring detailing services. During a month of high rain, for instance, the demand for car washing may decrease and income can be significantly reduced. A detail business can also increase income by offering extra services. For instance, some detail businesses choose to offer dent removal or windshield repair, in addition to basic detailing.

Business Outlook

According to a chart published by Business Insider, the number of vehicles in the United States has increased steadily over the last several decades. If this trend continues, many new car detail customers will be available in the future. "Entrepreneur" magazine confirms that this industry is growing, and income for mobile detail units has the potential to increase significantly.