Organizational identification refers to how well employees identify with, relate to and feel comfortable with the organization for which they work. This is critical to an organization's success. Strengthening organizational identification among employees can have a number of positive benefits among employees, including increased job satisfaction, reduced turnover and a greater sense of belonging. This can improve employee team building and overall work performance, leading to increased productivity. For this reason, it is beneficial for managers and corporate executives to develop strategies to strengthen organizational identification.

Improve Organizational Communication

One of the simplest ways to strengthen organizational identification is to improve communication throughout the organization. Encourage an open-door policy, allowing employees to present issues to managers freely and without hesitation. Employees should have a method of expressing grievances that is quick and easy, without a lot of hassle or confusion. Managers and corporate heads should also provide a vehicle for communicating organizational information to employees on a regular basis. A newsletter is a good example. This allows employees to stay informed about important company goals, policies, procedures and news.

Build Positive Culture


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Most organizations today are multicultural. Strengthen organizational identification by building a diverse culture that is inclusive of people from different backgrounds. Encourage employee interaction through corporate picnics or team-building contests. Encourage team members to embrace individual differences as positive rather than negative. This will strengthen organizational identification and prove invaluable when team members gather for meetings. Differences of opinions in meetings might become opportunities for new ideas to emerge rather than sessions for grievances to be disputed as a result of organizational identification building and strengthening efforts.

Work-Life Balance

Many employees in modern society get into the habit of becoming workaholics. Building an organizational culture that focuses on work-life balance will go a long way toward strengthening organizational identification. Employees will come to recognize you as the employer who cares about them as employees and as individuals. Consider creating a more flexible work schedule for employees. If possible, provide health and wellness outlets or information that provides employees with healthy alternatives to reduce stress or boost dietary education. This will help employees identify their employer as an organization that promotes their total wellness as well as job satisfaction. In the long term, this will help strengthen organizational identification and help you build your organization for optimal success.

Encourage Employee Participation

When employees invest in the company they work for, they are much more likely to identify with their employer. One of the best ways to strengthen organizational identification is to encourage employees to contribute to the organization. Provide stock options to employees, allowing them to invest in the company. Consider allowing employees to participate in board meetings, or provide suggestions for process improvements and other opportunities to become part of the company. This is a surefire way to build a rock-solid organizational identification strategy that will reduce turnover and build employee loyalty over time.