The organizational structure clarifies how individuals and teams working within a business are coordinated. Small businesses can be organized in any number of ways. These structures need to be consistent with factors such as the external environment, technology and strategy of your company. Any change in these factors will require adjustments in the organization. Because of limited resources and their size, small businesses are much more vulnerable to external changes. Building a learning organization is a way to cope with external changes and bring about organizational change.

Train employees that the organization consists of various parts that need to work in coordination to achieve organizational goals.

Reiterate the importance of continuous learning to employees. Highlight that they should develop a vision for their professional and personal lives and constantly evaluate their development toward the desired state. Help them master the necessary skills by providing training opportunities when necessary.

Challenge the entrenched mental models. Make employees realize that currently held beliefs about the market, competitors and performance might not be justified. Emphasize the possibility of change for the better.

Build a shared vision among employees about the desired future of the company. Motivate and empower employees to work toward this vision.

Stimulate team learning. Stress the importance of constructive interactions between employees. Emphasize the importance of honesty and openness in collaborative work.

Address the barriers to change by listening to dissenting voices. Involve employees in the plans to motivate them and bring in new ideas.