Preparation is critical when trying to pitch products or services through call center phone calls. Customers calling into a call center typically have a complaint or an issue to resolve. This gives the call center employees a chance to identify areas where the customer's life can be improved with an additional product or feature. This opportunity does not come easily, however. A person contacting a call center will likely be disgruntled, and you will need to win him over. By foreseeing and planning for his arguments against your sales suggestions beforehand, you can help make your sales pitch much more targeted, and in turn, more effective and successful.

List the Complaints

Create a list of the various reasons customers call into the call center. This will help you to identify what products or services would be applicable to that particular customer, based on his concerns or issues. Evaluate your list and decide what additional products and services could benefit him regarding his complaint. Create a corresponding list of these products in relation to the complaints so you can quickly determine what products to pitch on your calls with customers.


Compose a list of the possible arguments and concerns the customer might have against your list of suggested products. Place yourself in the shoes of the customers and consider what they might say. Use your past experience on calls with customers to determine common concerns raised. Write down some counter arguments to alleviate their concerns. By pinpointing and addressing the common concerns with the products you suggest you can quickly and effectively counter them with well-thought-out responses on your call.


Stay focused on the benefits of the product or services you are pitching after quickly alleviating any of the customer concerns or arguments against them. Highlight how the product can help the customer and prevent the very complaint he is calling into the call center with. Promote that this new feature or product can prevent time wasted on contacting the call center in the future.

Call to Action

Conclude your sales pitch with a call to action. Ideally, you want to sign the customer up for the product or service while on the same call. Create a sense of urgency in the sales pitch to help motivate the customer to commit over the phone. For example, explain that the price for the product or service is on sale, but only for a limited time. This can make the customer want to jump on the sale price before it expires and help you to close the sale on the phone call.