Renting Spaces

Flea markets have one big open space that is divided up in to smaller spaces. Each space is rented out by the day. These spaces are $10 and up depending on the size. The flea market owner makes money by renting out these spaces and the renters make money selling their goods. If the flea market has a good location and is in an area that relies on buying used and low cost items to survive, the flea market will be successful. Flea markets also operate strictly with cash.

Used Items

Vendors make arrangements to rent out a space or a number of spaces depending on how much merchandise they have to sell. They price all of their items, but they will often accept less if it is offered. These vendors are either selling their own used items or they have purchased items to sell at a low cost. They mark up the cost and sell items to the customers for a profit. Having many vendors in one location makes it more desirable for customers. You can expect flea markets to experience plenty of foot traffic which makes it more profitable to see your yard sale items at the flea market then to hold a yard sale in your driveway.

Food Vendors

Flea markets also reserve a certain number of spaces for food vendors. As customers take their time visiting all of the vendors they get hungry. The food vendors are there to provide hot dogs, nachos and cheese, ice cream and more. There are also some spaces for small farms to use to sell their produce. By providing food vendors, flea markets are able to keep the customers there longer so they make more purchases. If there was no food, the customers would have to leave to find a meal and then they might not come back.