How to Bid for Janitorial Contracts for Free in Tennessee

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Revenue in the janitorial business comes from successfully bidding jobs. Whether the need for services is from a governmental agency, private industry or nonprofit organization, in most cases the job is put out to bid before a contract is awarded. Bidding janitorial services in Tennessee is a no-cost process, other than the cost of time to prepare the bid. State government contracts require janitorial hopefuls to register with a software program before they can bid, but private companies and nonprofits can be bid using standard bidding reports. In all cases, the Tennessee janitorial bidding process is free.

Register to bid on government janitorial contracts. Go to and locate the Tennessee Department of General Services. Click "For Bidders" on the left side of the page. Click "Bidder Registration" and follow the prompts including registering at the Edison application site. Use the Edison site to bid on all state janitorial contracts. There is no cost to bid.

Select private companies to solicit for business. Examine the site in person, writing down approximate dimensions, furniture placement and number of windows, carpeted floors and noncarpeted floors. Note the number of restrooms and other facilities.

Discuss with property management the desired frequency, level of service and specialty needs. Ask questions about removing items from shelves or desks before dusting, or leaving them in place. Find out how often the company wants windows washed, floors buffed and waxed and carpets shampooed in addition to regular janitorial duties.

Calculate the number of hours regular service will require. Bear in mind that Tennessee has a high rate of humidity during spring and summer. Include accommodations for the humidity in the bidding total, such as allowing for more time to properly clean during the humid months because of condensation and other issues that will arise in kitchen areas. Provide a written bid, naming the company, detailing all duties the janitorial regular service will provide and with what frequency. Include the charge for such service. Attach an addendum that provides a menu of specialty options and each option's cost, including window washing, floor buffing, carpet cleaning and waxing.

Attach proof of insurance and bonding. Use a company familiar with Tennessee insurance rules and regulations so you are in compliance.

Include letters of recommendation from current clients. Submit the package in person or by email depending on potential clients' preference. Let them know they will be contacted in one week to determine whether services are desired. If so, send a prewritten contract detailing everything the bid outlined and ask them to sign it before service begins.


  • Make the bid clear and concise, sticking strictly to duties, prices and frequency. This makes it easy for the potential client to read and decide.


  • Do not lock into a contract for more than six months initially. This prevents issues if you accidentally bid too low.