A proficiently written leaflet will spur immediate action. If it causes the reader to vote for a candidate, buy a new product or enroll in a gym, the leaflet has done its job. You don’t need a degree in advertising or marketing to produce a leaflet that will get the attention of the intended audience.

Step 1.

Write your leaflet keeping these keywords in mind: attention, interest, desire and action. Grab a reader’s attention and let him know something is coming up, such as a sale, election or event, that could interest him. A lawn-care service could distribute a leaflet, for example, with the headline “Brown Lawn Got You Down?” Write a concise paragraph after the headline to tell the homeowner all the reasons why the lawn could have turned brown and how the Anytown Lawn Service will restore its lush green color.

Step 2.

Include an offer or reminder that will spur the reader to action by a deadline, such as “50 percent off your first service if appointment scheduled by June 1.” List prominently the contact information and a website address, if the company has one, to make it easy for the consumer to act on those emotions on the spur of the moment.

Step 3.

Use professional-looking graphics or photos and not free computer clip art. Make your leaflet stand out and tell the reader that you run a first-rate company. Keep your leaflet's design clean and without clutter. Print it on high-quality paper.


Do not forget to proofread your leaflet and have friends do it, too. Any interest your leaflet draws from customers will be deflated if your leaflet contains spelling or typographical errors. Look as professional as possible in all of your communications. If photography is not your skill, you can purchase photos at a reasonable price online for your leaflet.