How to Get Reseller's Licenses in Virginia

by Melly Parker ; Updated September 26, 2017

Paying sales tax twice isn't a wish held by any business owner. If you're selling tangible goods that would be taxed by Virginia in most cases, a reseller's license helps you avoid paying the taxes yourself. The license, which is called Form ST-10 or the "Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption," assures Virginia that it will get its taxes when the items are purchased by your clients. Sales tax on most items in Virginia is 5 percent as of June 2011.

Step 1

Download for ST-10. You can also request that a copy be mailed to you at the Virginia Department of Taxation (see Resources).

Step 2

Fill in the name of the supplier you are purchasing items from, as well as its business address and the date of the transaction.

Step 3

Check the box that applies to your purchases. If you are planning to resell the items, check the first box. If you plan to use the items in a taxable rental, as part of an established business that's taxable or a combination of the two, check the second box. Check the third box confirming that boxes and packing materials with the items become your property.

Step 4

Fill in your name and your 15-digit Virginia tax registration number. Write your business name in the blank that says "Trading Under." Fill in the business address and write the type of business it is on the blank.

Step 5

Sign the form and include your title. Give it to the supplier.


  • You will have to fill out a different ST-10 for each supplier from whom you purchase items.

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