The History Channel, part of A+E Networks, gives you a number of contact options through the A+E site's "Contact us" page. The channel, which presents a number of documentaries and reality shows for view online and on television, also has an app for mobile viewing. Choose the support contact method that best matches the problem or reason you wish to contact the History Channel.

Online Contact Form

The History Channel uses Zendesk to handle questions and comments sent online for a variety of customer-related concerns. Whether you have questions about programming, a technical issue or the History Channel mobile application, select the "submit a request" option, found near the upper right corner of the channel's support page. Choose the reason for your support ticket from the drop-down menu, such as "technical issue." Input a valid email address in the appropriate box, followed by the subject and information about the issue, or a suggestion. Once you've filled in all the input areas, hit the "submit" button. A representative will respond via email.

Advertising on the History Channel

Advertising for the History Channel is handled through A+E Networks, based in New York City. The main office phone number is 212-210-1400. As of 2018, to speak with Brian Joyce or Teryl Brown, both senior vice presidents of national advertising for the History Channel, call 212-210-1430 or 212-210-9768, respectively.

Write to the channel through traditional U. S. mail by sending a letter to: The History Channel, c/o A&E Television Networks, 235 East 45th Street, New York, NY, 10017.

Email any executive at the channel by spelling out his or her name with a period between the first and last name, followed by For instance, Brian Joyce is at [email protected].

To advertise online, contact Sarah Shriver, vice president of digital ad sales, at 212- 424-7111.

A+E Networks also has offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and Detroit listed on its advertising "contact us" page. Contact the appropriate office if you wish to advertise in one of those specific markets.

Press and Educational Inquiries

A+E Networks also has a press center, which offers access to special press information for member of the media, including freelance journalists. The press center requires authorized access. Request access by filling out the online form on A+E Networks' press page. Requests are generally handled within two weeks.

Educators and community-outreach workers may also contact the History Channel by emailing [email protected]. Be sure to mention that your request pertains to the History Channel specifically.