An executive spotlight allows you to write a small feature article on one of your company executives. You can choose to profile a different executive each month or each issue. Providing an executive spotlight section in your newsletter allows your clients, vendors and suppliers with an opportunity to get to know your staff better and create a personal connection between your business and the external world. An effective spotlight includes a picture of the executive, a brief description of the executive’s background and the role the person plays in the business. You should also include contact information for clients or others that may need to contact or interact with the person.

Write the name and role of the executive you are featuring. You may include this in the opening sentence of the executive spotlight.

State the location and department where the person works. The location is especially important to note if your company has more than one office location.

Include personal information. This can include family information, such as a spouse's name and the number of children in the family. It could also include a hobby, favorite quote or something interesting about the executive that most people do not know.

Write out experience and education information. Include previous work experience.

Explain specific instances when a client, supplier or vendor would contact the executive. If the executive you feature is the contact person for specific issues, problems or situations, explain this at the end of the spotlight and then include contact information such as an email address, direct phone number or phone extension.

Review and edit. After you write the spotlight, go back and read the spotlight out loud to ensure it makes sense. Check for grammar and spelling errors. Ask one or two other people read it to check for errors.

Write the final version. Incorporate any edits or revisions.


If possible, include a photograph of the executive you are featuring. Ensure it is a professional photo, if possible, rather than a photo that looks as if someone took it from a personal camera. If you must take the photo yourself, make sure it looks as professional as possible and is of high quality.