When you need to make a payment to a merchant who does not accept your Comdata debit card, you can pay the merchant with a Comchek. Comcheks are similar to money orders. They can be ordered directly from Comdata customer service. The fee to purchase blank Comcheks is $1 per check, with a minimum order of 25. Because many truckers use Comdata services, some truck stops have blank Comcheks available. Often the truck stops will provide you with a blank Comchek for free.

Things You Will Need
  • Telephone

  • Blank check

Step 1.

Complete the Comchek by entering information in all of the designated fields. This includes the date and the dollar amount of your Comchek. In the “Pay To Order Of” field, enter the name of the merchant or individual you are submitting a payment to.

Step 2.

Call the Comdata hotline at 800-741-3030. You must be using a touch-tone telephone.

Step 3.

Enter, at the prompt, your Comdata card number and four digit pin number. Select the option to request a Comchek.

Step 4.

Enter the amount of your Comchek request. Pretend the decimal is invisible. For example, for $40, press 4000. For $400, press 40000.

Step 5.

Enter the Comchek number that is located in the upper right hand corner of the check.

Step 6.

Present the Comchek to the merchant you are submitting a payment to. You can also deposit the Comchek into your bank account, if you choose to do so. The bank deposit is made just as if you are depositing a regular check.


The Merchant must call Comdata to obtain check authorization. To obtain authorization, the merchant must enter the check number and amount. He must then write the number in the “Authorization Number” field that is located on the check. Without an authorization number, the Comchek is not valid.