ECrater provides their clients with a completely free web store builder and a marketplace for a large selection of goods. However, as with much of e-commerce, signing up and having goods available can be the easy part. The next and more critical stage is to attract paying customers who can provide the revenues to make the store a profitable success and facilitate future expansion. Fortunately, promoting an eCrater store doesn't have to be a full-time job.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer with Internet

  • Printer

Step 1.


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Become an integral member of the existing eCrater community, where many of the people are not only sellers but your potential customers as well. Ensure that your product offerings are unique and can stand apart from the established sellers on the site. Become a frequent contributor to the forum titled "Promote Your eCrater Store."

Step 2.


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Consider and exhaust free promotional tools for your business before using paid ones. If you have offline customers already buying your products, invite to them become patrons of your online store. Create a free Facebook page for your eCrater store and recommend that your friends and existing customers become fans of that page. Small businesses can reap the rewards of a Facebook page by taking time to understand features like wall posts and "likes" and by having a strategy for both content and promotion with specific goals.

Step 3.


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Use the custom domain name service that eCrater offers. Make sure your store has a branded and unique domain name. Preferably the domain name you choose will be available as usernames on eCrater, eBay and Etsy. This will allow you to cross-promote your brand on eBay and Etsy platforms. You can buy a domain name from services like GoDaddy.

Step 4.


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Consider maintaining free seller accounts with eBay and Etsy with listings that can drive traffic to your eCrater store. You can accomplish this by crafting a unique brand name that yields you and references to you when people search for it on Google and by using a eCrater store domain name as your main business domain name.

Step 5.


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Work to develop domain expertise by providing authoritative content to interested audience members. You can create a YouTube channel or blog that you update regularly with demonstrations on how to make or use the products sold via your eCrater store. For example, if you're selling hand-crafted jewelry, show off some of the craftsmanship that goes into the finished product or provide a gemstone gift guide explaining the available styles of gemstones and their various sentimental significance. You can also publish helpful authoritative content to your Facebook page.

Step 6.


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Investigate promotional tools like Facebook ads and Google Adwords. It is essential to have compelling content and other offerings for an audience prior to inviting them in with a paid campaign. Having good content on your landing page and around your website will allow you to maintain a higher Google Quality Score, which results in cheaper ad costs.


It is essential that you measure all your marketing costs including your time and then measure the return on investment your marketing is generating.


Don't make the mistake of thinking that you have to perform every function involved in marketing your eCrater store. You can outsource parts that you are unfamiliar with, especially to professionals paid on a performance basis.