How to Make a Goal Poster for Mary Kay

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Mary Kay Cosmetics first opened its doors under the name of "Beauty by Mary Kay." Over the years, the company refined its image of small business ownership for women under the careful leadership of the late Mary Kay Ash. Mary Kay's favorite encouraging motto was "You can do it!" This company teaches women the basics of business; one of these lessons is goal-setting. New consultants are given goal-setting tasks to achieve by their director/mentors. One common task is to make a goal poster. Goal posters give you daily visual inspiration to achieve your Mary Kay business goals.

Place your poster board on a clean flat surface. If you have a large sheet of poster board cut it in half. You'll only need half a sheet.

Search through Mary Kay literature like the quarterly magazine or visit the Mary Kay website to find images of the red jacket or director's suit. Print and cut these images out. Set them to the side.

Cut a picture of the Mary Kay car out of the literature. This may be the classic pink Cadillac or one of the other current cars available. Set the image with the others.

Flip through the magazines to find an image of your dream purchase. This may represent a small or large goal like a new dress or a family on vacation. Cut the images out. Search for as many images as you'd like to add.

Arrange the pictures on the goal poster board placing the largest goal in the center. Glue the pictures in place. Allow the glue to dry before moving it.

Take the goal poster to your next unit meeting to show your director, if your task was part of a challenge or contest. If not, hang your goal poster in your home somewhere that you'll see it everyday.


  • Include pictures of short and long goals.

    Create a new goal poster, once all your pictured goals have been achieved.


  • Don't overcrowd your poster with too many images. You want your goals to be clear.