When your company and a member of the staff part ways, telling the individual that she has been terminated is the first step. You must also, however, inform other employees of this development. While it may seem that telling employees of a coworker’s firing is unnecessary, many companies find doing so a good choice for security reasons. If an employee has been terminated and returns to work grounds, she may present a security concern. If fellow employees know that she was terminated, they are more likely to report her presence, allowing you to deal with the issue immediately.

Step 1.

Allow the employee time to leave the property. Getting terminated is difficult enough, but experiencing termination then having to face all of your coworkers is even more hard to handle. Instead of creating a situation in which the just-terminated employee must take a walk of shame through a group of former coworkers who know he has been fired, allow him to slip away discretely before you make your announcement.

Step 2.

Gather staff members. The moment you tell one staff member of the termination, word will spread. To prevent the termination from becoming fodder for the gossip mill, gather all employees and announce the termination in a large group.

Step 3.

Use electronic means. If you don’t wish to gather your employees, but instead would like a less public announcement that still gets the information out as necessary, send out an email regarding the termination. Keep the email short and sweet, stating only that the individual has been let go or, even less telling, that the individual is no longer working for the company.

Step 4.

Keep details to a minimum. The exact reasons why the individual was fired are no one’s business but her own. When announcing the firing, don’t share details but instead simply say that the individual has been terminated effective immediately and that you wish her well in the future. Even if some employees have ideas as to why this employee was let go, speaking to these rumors is usually unnecessary and inappropriate.