What Are the Objectives of Employee Satisfaction?

by Mary Jane; Updated September 26, 2017

Employee satisfaction is an important aspect of business operations, as satisfied employees can result in increased production, higher profits and a positive business reputation. You can obtain employee satisfaction through several strategies, which can benefit the employees financially or professionally in terms of career growth. The objectives of employee satisfaction are directly related to each of these satisfactory strategies.

Commissions and Bonuses

One objective of employee satisfaction is to reward hardworking employees by offering commission payments and bonuses. This can include commission payments on high-priced items sold by salesmen or providing a bonus if an employee has successfully helped answer a specific amount of customer questions during a single month. The objective to reward hardworking employees with monetary bonuses is a successful method in maintaining employee satisfaction in the workplace, as employees get some control over their income.

Increasing Employee Involvement

Increasing employee involvement is another step in keeping employees satisfied. An objective for increasing opinions and ideas from employees can result in employees feeling more involved in the business. The objective must provide guidelines regarding how the employees can contribute more in the workplace and how the ideas are evaluated. Employee involvement can result in the employees feeling as valuable assets to the business.

Addressing Employee Needs

Addressing employee needs in the workplace is another way of improving and maintaining the satisfaction. Workers may feel dissatisfied if they do not have the resources or tools available to complete their tasks. An objective can be to address employee needs by providing the necessary resources and tools, such as computers, new printers or scanners and additional outsourced help so the employees can feel accomplished and proud of their work.

Internal Promotions and Recognition

Internal promotions and professional recognition is another method of maintaining employee satisfaction within a given company. An objective can be to analyze existing employees and consider them for the new openings as a method of maintaining employee satisfaction, rather than hiring new employees for new job positions or openings. Internal promotions show existing employees that they are valued and appreciated.

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