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Employee recognition programs can boost the morale of employees and positively change the health of a organization. By instituting performance appraisal and reward systems, an employer lets its workers know that their hard work pays off and is appreciated.


Performance appraisals and rewards are designed to show recognition to employees. Those who exemplify outstanding abilities in the workplace are celebrated through an appraisal and reward system. Managers may offer employee praise in a one-on-one setting, such as a performance evaluation, or in a group setting among peers. Archer North, a company that designs and develops employee performance appraisal and corporate evaluation systems, says that social recognition is powerful and is an effective forum for showing value in employees.


Besides verbal appreciation, employers can show their gratitude by furnishing employees with tokens of appreciation, or rewards. These may be in the form of award trophies, framed certificates, special parking spaces, gift cards, pens or a free day off.


According to Archer North, when employers praise their employees’ performance it is almost always a beneficial and positive experience for both the manager and the employee. Appraisal enhances motivation, keeps employees goal-oriented and morale high. With high morale and a feeling of worth, employees will want to exceed in the workplace.


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