Most businesses exist for the primary purpose of earning a profit. Earning a profit requires maximizing sales and minimizing costs. Productivity involves getting as much as possible accomplished in as little time as possible. This increases sales by enabling you to have more product available, and it reduces costs by lessening your payroll.


For many businesses, payroll is a major operating expense and controlling payroll costs is a priority. Saving money by increasing productivity and lessening payroll expenses is not simply a matter of asking employees to do more in less time; it can also be a matter of studying your operations to make them smoother. If you own a clothing manufacturing company, you can improve productivity and lower payroll costs by minimizing bottlenecks in your production processes, identifying and remedying areas where production gets backed up because consecutive processes are not in sync. This increases productivity by eliminating employee downtime.


Improving productivity in the workplace also saves time. Aside from the financial benefits of reducing payroll, saving time allows your employees to work in other areas of your business, such as planning, strategizing and improving infrastructure. If you devote extra attention to processes that tend to get lost in the shuffle, your company will run more smoothly and you will create a higher-quality product.


Productive operations are good for employee morale, creating a sense of accomplishment and pride. Productivity also helps to avert the consequences of a badly run workplace: If your employees finish their workload in a satisfying time frame, they are less likely to feel burned out and frustrated. This creates a positive feedback loop: Morale improves productivity, and productivity improves morale. Your employees will enjoy their jobs, make fewer mistakes and make your job easier as a manager.

Customer Relations

A productive workplace improves your relationships with your customers by enabling your company to complete projects on time and even early. If you charge customers for the time it takes to complete their orders, then your productive operations will also save them money. If employee morale is high because your staff is productive and satisfied, this will positively impact customer service because happier employees are friendlier employees. In addition, creating the impression that your company is well-run builds your reputation and attracts new customers.