Objectives and goals create discipline and functionality in the workplace. Countless objectives exist, but prioritizing several will paint a clear picture of your immediate priorities. Make the objective first, then build a process to meet objectives and goals. Setting these benchmarks helps to motivate and understand what is necessary to drive results.

Revenue Objectives

Driving revenue and proving consistent profitability is a major goal for any business. Without profits, the business simply is not viable. Creating revenue consistently is a great sign for the life of a business.

Operational Objectives

Operations are critical to keep everything running. Important objectives include human resources processes, accounting objectives to make payroll and billing statements on-time and daily tasks for each job role. Without sound operational objectives being met, achieving revenue goals is difficult.

Productivity and Performance

Maximizing employee productivity and performance drives revenue. Setting goals for the year, each quarter and even the month or week is a good start. Adding incentive for meeting objectives will also increase performance and productivity.

Customer Satisfaction

The customer is top priority and delivering satisfaction is a major objective. Survey the customers and make an objective to always look for ways to improve. Happy customers leave positive reviews, spread positive word of mouth and are more likely to repeat business.

Employee Health

While production and performance are important, employee health is a major objective for many businesses. Fair compensation and benefits are goals every business should strive to meet. Happy and healthy employees are often more productive as well.

Contingency Objectives

Unexpected events can break a business without contingency plans. A contingency is something a business cannot prevent. A key employee does not show up for work, a natural disaster strikes and halts production, the economy crashes. How will your business survive? Create a series of contingency objectives to prepare for the worst case scenarios.

Growth Objectives

Growing a business requires a series of objectives to scale effectively. Objectives to replicate processes and manage hiring, after meeting sales goals and revenue benchmarks, is a necessary objective.

Management and Leadership

Hiring and developing effective managers and business leaders is a key objective. Leadership upholds the core values and drives the business to success. Businesses focused on developing the best possible leadership as a primary objective are on a positive track.

Minimizing Turnover

Employee turnover slows business by making ongoing hiring and training a necessity. Make it an objective to retain employees. Investing more upfront in each employee saves the time required to train and hire new employees.

Automate When Possible

Automation and delegation are both great objectives. Simple tasks that can be completed efficiently will ultimately save time and direct high level focus to more important tasks.