How to Decorate a Showroom

Decorating a showroom in a retail or other sales environment can help buyers gain a better feel of how your products look and function in their intended environment. Regardless of your industry, you can decorate your company's showroom in a way that gives buyers an authentic look and true visual demonstration of your products. Follow these quick tips to give your showroom an original atmosphere that's welcoming to buyers and highlights your products in the best way possible.

Design the general layout of the show room on a piece of paper. Keep marketing principles in mind, primarily product placement, and remember that you have limited shelf real estate and floor space to present products. For example, you can have a center showcase at the beginning of the showroom that displays the latest product or flagship product, then use the left and right sides to showcase other products.

Ensure that the most in-demand items are placed towards the front of the store as not all customers will walk around an entire showroom unless something catches their eye and draws them in.

Pin-up promotional marketing materials provided by the brands you sell and place them on the walls in their respective spaces. Talk to the marketing representatives to obtain the most recent marketing materials and decorate the show room's walls with it. This will demonstrate that your store is current, up to date, and that shares the same contemporary marketing themes that the brands are employing.

Purchase and mount posters and art prints on the walls that are thematically tied to the industry in which your showroom operates. For example, many car dealerships have auto racing-related decorations and cooking supply stores use appealing images of food to show that using their cooking products can lead to better food.

Revisit your showroom layout regularly and be sure to solicit feedback from customers from time to time by asking if they've found everything with ease or if anything about the showroom seems off.