How to Cancel Primerica Online

by Lauren Treadwell; Updated September 26, 2017
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Primerica Online has two tiers of membership: a monthly subscription service featuring software, reporting tools, and other premium benefits, and a free service that provides product certification courses and other basic training material. Canceling the paid subscription to Primera Online does not affect your rank or standing in the organization, and you can still take advantage of the limited version of Primerica Online.

Cancel Online

That fastest way to terminate your paid membership is by accessing your account via the Primerica Online website. Log in, navigate to the Service Selection screen, and change your subscription option to “Limited.” You can also cancel your Primerica Online subscription by sending an email to You must include your representative solution number with your request.

Cancel By Phone

Although this method is a bit more time- and labor-intensive, it may be helpful to speak with a Primerica Online billing representative at 888-737-2255 for clarification or reassurance. You’ll need to provide your name and other identifying information, as well as your solution number.

Effective Date

The cancellation goes into effect the first day of the following month. Until that point, you can still take advantage of the services provided by paid membership. However, you cannot receive any refund or prorated fee reduction if you don't use them.

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