The Dymo LetraTag QX50 is an electronic labeling machine that creates and prints self-adhesive labels. This label maker operates on five alkaline batteries and features a qwerty keyboard, LCD display, built-in memory and two-line printing. It also features direct-thermal printing and uses Dymo thermal cassettes that are available in a variety of colors and materials, including metallic and fabric iron-on tape, colored and transparent plastic, and standard paper. The LetraTag QX50 is easy to set up, and simple enough for everyday office and home projects.

Turn the label maker over and locate the battery compartment. Push in the tab and lift off the cover. Insert five AA batteries according to the polarity guides shown inside the compartment. Close the cover and turn the unit over.

Open the cassette door on the front of the unit. Insert the cassette and gently press the middle of the cassette until it snaps into place. Close the cover.

Press the red "Power" button to turn the label maker "On."

Press the letters on the qwerty keyboard to test the label maker. Numbers and symbols are displayed above each row of keys.

Press and hold the "Up" arrow button. Then press the key that corresponds with the desired number or symbol. If you want to type numbers only, press the "Number" button under the display screen and use the top row of keys.

Press the space bar to insert spaces between words, and press the "Caps" toggle button to capitalize letters. Correct mistakes and delete characters, one at a time, by pressing the "Delete" key.

Press the "Up" and "Print" button at the same time to preview your text. You can also press the arrow keys to manually scroll through the text.

Press the "Print" button to print out your label.

Press the "Cutter" button on the upper left side of the label maker to cut the label.

Remove the paper backing from the label and apply it where needed.