QuickBooks software does not use letterheads; however, you can customize your invoices, statements and other forms to match your company's letterhead. In order to transfer letterheads from another word processing program such as Microsoft Word, you will need to create a picture file of the existing design. Then, you may use the Additional Customization option in the Layout Designer of QuickBooks to customize a template for your specific needs.

Save the Letterhead as an Image

Open Microsoft Paint and the letterhead document.

Press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard. This button is located above the "Backspace" button and may be abbreviated to "Prt Scr."

Click the blank Paint document and press "Ctrl + V" to paste the picture in the Paint window.

Grab the upper left corner of the letterhead using the Select tool in Paint and drag a box around the entire letterhead.

Right-click the letterhead, choose "Copy To" and then save the picture to a suitable location.

Customize Templates

Open QuickBooks, click the "Lists" menu at the top of the screen and choose "Templates."

Double-click the template you want to customize and then place a check mark in the "Use Logo" box. Click "Select Logo" and choose the image file containing your letterhead.

Uncheck any boxes pertaining to any information contained in your letterhead.

Click the "Layout Designer" button and drag the edges of the letterhead to reposition it if needed.

Click "OK," then "OK" again to save the new template.