Asking businesses for donations is not always an easy task. If you are conducting a benefit, business donations are often needed to help raise funds for charity. When requesting donations from businesses, there are several important tips you should follow. The letter should be brief, to the point and should catch the reader’s attention. You should also place a lot of emphasis on the positive effect this benefit will have.

Step 1.

Address the letters. If necessary, call the businesses you are sending your request to and ask for the person’s name that is responsible for these types of decisions. Write “Dear” followed by the individual’s name.

Step 2.

Introduce yourself. Begin the letter by describing details about yourself. Include your name, the positions you hold and any details that will establish your credibility.

Step 3.

State the purpose of the letter. Give details about the benefit that is scheduled to occur. If it is for an organization, describe the organization and what is stands for. If it is for an individual person, describe the nature of why the benefit is taking place. Include specific facts or details that are compelling and that would cause the reader to want to help.

Step 4.

Ask for the donation. Explain the details regarding when the benefit will be and what is planned for the night. Clearly ask the reader if he is able to offer a donation for the event. Be friendly and courteous keeping the reader’s feelings in mind at all times.

Step 5.

Explain the benefits that the organization or individual will receive from their participation. If you have conducted benefits in the past, state any positive outcomes that resulted from them.

Step 6.

Close the letter. State your name again and the ways the reader can contact you. Sign the letter “Sincerely” followed by your name.