The United States Postal Service has long been known for its reliability and ease of use. Senders, however, are not always known for their reliability. When a piece of mail is unsolicited, unneeded or otherwise unwanted you can simply return it to the sender. The Postal Service offers a very simple way of resolving your unwanted mail woes and will happily take your undesired mail off your hands.

Things You Will Need
  • Envelope

  • Appropriate postage

  • Pen

Step 1.

Write "Refused, Return to Sender" on the front of the unwanted envelopes.

Step 2.

Place proper postage onto the envelopes if you have opened them. You are not responsible for paying return postage if the parcels have not been opened.

Step 3.

Return the unwanted mail directly to the Post Office. You can hand the mail directly to a postal employee or, if available, place into a "Returns" box or mail slot.